Intro to Pole

**Beginner**  No prior dance or acrobatic experience necessary! In this class we'll teach you the basics including how to gracefully move around the pole, how to climb, and a variety of beginner level spins. We'll also introduce the different styles of pole taught at our studio in order to help guide your future practice.

Recommended attire: Shorts, short sleeves, tank top, or sports bra. Barefoot, heels, or sneakers.

Pole Flow

**Beginner/All Levels**  Pole Flow is a more dance-focused class in which you'll learn and practice transitions, spins, and some floor work. You may also practice weaving these elements into acrobatic pole moves. The goal of this class is developing the skill to dance fluidly around the pole in both freestyle and choreographed sequences. A great class for beginners!

Pole Foundations

    **All Levels**   In this skill-focused class you will continue working on the basics and expand your arsenal of skills as you build the strength, flexibility and body awareness needed to master more difficult pole tricks.  Each foundations class includes 20 minutes of yoga inspired strength and flexibility conditioning, 30 minutes of skill practice, and a 10 minute cool down. 


 **All Levels** Come train in a less structured environment than our regular classes! This is more of a self-lead practice, with guidance from instructors as needed. Experienced instructors are always present. Our open practices are great for competition and performance training,  creativity, and collaboration! To book the studio for training outside of regularly scheduled practices, email ripolespace@gmail.com.

Exotic Dance

   **All Levels**  Learn and practice a mixture of club-style tricks and movements. Includes both pole and floor work.

 *leggings, leg warmers that cover the knees, or knee pads are recommended for this class to make floor-work more comfortable. Heels, socks, or any dance shoe are also recommended.*

Spin Fluidity

**All Levels** This class will begin to introduce fluid and graceful movement, transitions, and body to pole awareness. You will learn how to move with and around the pole, not just with your body parts but also with emotion. Create and experiment with shapes and movements you might normally avoid and learn to take small movements and build them into something greater. Perfect for students looking to broaden their horizons, not just in strong pole dance tricks but in contemporary dance and self-expression. 

Pole Combos

  **Intermediate/Advanced**    Learn to seamlessly link moves together in sequences designed for either spinning or static pole. The purpose of this class is to build stamina and practice integrating new tricks into longer performable pieces. In each class you'll practice sequences of 2-4 moves and transitions, with different options given to suit your current level. Prerequisites: to take this class you must be able to easily climb, and invert from the floor.