RI Pole Space


Intro to Pole

No experience necessary! In this introductory class we'll teach you all the basics like how to move around the pole, a variety of beginner level spins and poses, and how to climb. We'll also introduce the different styles of pole taught at our studio in order to help guide your future practice.

Recommended attire: Shorts, short sleeves, tank top, or sports bra. Barefoot, heels, or sneakers.

Intro to Exotic Dance

Have fun finding your sexy side! This class is similar to our Intro to Pole class, with the added elements of more exotic/‘stripper-style’ movements, floorwork and heels.

Recommended attire: Leggings, leg warmers that cover the knee, or kneepads are recommended for floorwork. Heels are optional but always encouraged!

Heels & Floorwork

Our Heels & Floorwork classes mix sexy heel choreography with exotic elements to create a dynamic workout suitable for all levels! The routines taught in this class limit the use of the pole to easy transitions/weight transferring, so prior pole experience is not required.

Recommended attire: tight fitting shorts or leggings, and short sleeves, tank top or sports bra. Knee pads are highly recommended. Heels are optional.

Russian Exotic

Russian Exotic style has become one of the most popular pole dance styles in recent years, and for good reason! Typically performed in heels, Russian exotic pole combines the spins, isolations, and pirouettes of traditional exotic dance with complex base work and low flow moves. This style is fast-paced, technical, and definitely a challenge! We recommend starting with 2-3 intro classes before taking the Russian Exotic.

Recommended Attire: Tight fitting shorts or leggings and short sleeves, tank top, or sports bra. Knee pads and platform heels are recommended.

Prerequisites: 2-3 Intro to Pole or Intro to Exotic Dance classes, or permission of instructor.

Pole Flow / Exotic Pole Flow

In Pole Flow you'll learn and practice things like spins, pirouettes, transitions, floorwork and more. (Exotic Pole Flow includes these things with the added elements of more ‘stripper style’ pole and floor work.) In Pole Flow the majority of the time is spent breaking down skills, performing drills to improve technique, and practicing each move until it feels effortless. Class usually ends with a short choreographed sequence and the option to freestyle. The goal of this class is to develop the skills needed to dance fluidly around the pole in both freestyle and choreographed sequences.

Recommended attire: tight fitting shorts or leggings and short sleeves, tank top or sports bra. Socks are recommended. Heels are optional.

Prerequisites: 1-3 Intro to Pole or Intro to Exotic classes, or permission of instructor.

Pole Foundations

    **All Levels**  Stretch and strengthen! In this class you'll work on building the strength, flexibility and body awareness needed to master the art of pole. Each foundations class includes 20 minutes of strength and flexibility conditioning, 30 minutes of skill practice, and a 10 minute cool down. One of the more exciting things you will learn is how to hang upside down from the pole with just your legs!


 **All Levels** Less structured than our regular classes, our open practices are a great time to come in and stretch, condition, work on skills, freestyle, or prepare for a performance.  This is more of a self-lead practice, but experienced instructors are always present to provide support and guidance. Great for competition and performance training,  creativity, and collaboration! To book the studio for training outside of regularly scheduled practices, email ripolespace@gmail.com.

Pole Combos

Practicing linking your skills together! The purpose of this class is to build stamina and integrate pole tricks into longer performable pieces. In each class you'll practice sequences of 2-4 moves and transitions, with different options given to suit your current level.