RI Pole Space



Forrest Yoga

       In each Forrest yoga class you will be guided through a series of yoga poses, core work, and breathing exercises, intelligently sequenced to take you into the deeper layers of yourself while building strength, flexibility, and a sense of connection to spirit. This class is heated to about 80 degrees and incorporates some more advanced postures such as arm balances, inversions, and backbends. However, modifications are given to suit every ability level. Forrest yoga is known for its distinct physical and emotional healing properties. This practice will leave you feeling more connected to and more free within your body.


Forrest Yoga Foundations

       A great starting point for those who have never practiced yoga before, and a great supplemental class for those wishing to strengthen and fine-tune their practice by coming back to basics. The Forrest Yoga Foundations class which will teach you the fundamental movement and breathing techniques behind Forrest yoga. These techniques are also effective tools which can provide relief from chronic pain, stress and anxiety, and muscle imbalances.